Our Name is changing!

Choice hotels is going through a brand change.  All Comfort Inn properties will be at least 3 story, interior hallway, indoor pool, with no balconies available.  We just finished a complete re-model and will not be dozing the property to build a new building.  Like many other Comfort Inn properties around the world, we will be changing to a Quality Inn.  Many Quality Inns will be moving to Econo Lodge, etc...  We just want to ensure you that the name is the only thing changing.  We will be running it with the same Comfort quality, i.e., linenes, breakfast...., but our name will change.  We have owned and operated this property for the last 44 years and will continue to run it as we always have.  We know this may cause confusion, but hope you will look past the name change and continue to choose us for your stay.  


The Jurgens Family